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Household Reset: Replace Single-Use Plastics at Home and On-The-Go

Inspired by YouTuber Eryn Krouse's video for #PlasticFreeJuly, here's a few reusable favorites to help clear your environmental conscience.

Starting out with the cult favorite Hydroflask. Any reusable water is better than the plastic ones, but I will always have a soft spot for hydroflasks. Reason one is because they come in so many different sizes and colors (so many pretty colors), and reason two is because it has an incredible ability to keep my water ice-cold even after sitting in my car in the sun in 100 degree heat for three hours. Here's one from Amazon that even comes with the straw lid (I highly recommend) for around $50.

Again, any reusable grocery bag is better than the plastic and paper ones that grocery stores provide, but Eryn recommended these and I'm OBSESSED. Not only do they come in so many pretty colors, but they're also quite large and seemingly easy to carry. Get four for $50 from Lotus Trolley Bag.

Next on our list is reusable bamboo cutlery and metal straws. I don't know about you, but I eat out a lot and always cringe when I have to use those plastic utensils they give you. Not anymore after I buy these! I do have a metal straw and they're good for when you go get a coffee or another drink and don't want to use a plastic straw. Bonus: bamboo is biodegradable so when you're done with them for good you don't have to worry about filling up landfills! Get this set of 4 for $33 on Amazon.

Moving on to your bathroom, this particular room in the house is a significant contributor to filling up landfills and single-use plastics. Why not replace your plastic toothbrush and plastic floss with bamboo and silk? This set of four BPA free, charcoal-bristled bamboo toothbrushes with a travel case and charcoal floss is not only better for the environment, but also much more aesthetically pleasing than the janky plastic ones we buy. Get these on Amazon for $10. Bonus: Don't know what to do with the unused, still-in-packaging plastic toothbrushes and floss you get from the dentist every visit? Donate them to your local homeless centers.

Keeping with the dental theme, and perhaps one of the most interesting items on this list, are toothpaste tablets. Just add water and a toothbrush and you're good to go. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than traditional toothpastes, they're also much easier to travel with (for when we can travel again). Bite Toothpaste Bits have the highest rating from all my research, and they come in three different flavors for $7.50/month or a four-month supply for $30. While you're at it, you could also pick up one of their branded bamboo toothbrushes.

Let's talk mouthwash. We don't all use it, I know I don't, but for those of you who do; I've gotchu. The same idea as the toothpaste tablets, these mouthwash tablets are water soluble and come in their own glass and silicone case/cup. They come in four different flavors, and for your first purchase you get the case and every refill comes with 60 tablets. Get yours for $10 from by Humankind.

I can't with their beautiful packaging. I'm obsessed. If you didn't buy the bamboo toothbrush/floss combo from before, here's refillable 100% biodegradable floss that comes in five flavors from by Humankind for $15.

The cotton swabs that we all buy at the drugstore are, little did we know, laden with plastics. Get this package of 225 biodegradable cotton swabs from by Humankind for $10 and keep a clear environmental conscience every time you throw one away.

Not only is the typical deodorant's packaging awful for the environment, the ingredients inside aren't great for you. I actually love my natural deodorants and I feel like they work extraordinarily well (and I sweat a lot). These refillable deodorants from by Humankind come in four sleek colors and five scents for $12.

Let's talk shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. These three products are usually massive plastic pollutants, and it's hard to avoid. Well Eryn recommended all-natural, zero waste shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bars. These particular ones are $15 each and come with a dish from by Humankind, but I've heard great things about the ones from Lush as well. (These are also great for traveling and you can get a travel set of all three for $15).

I have these and I LOVE them. They're reusable cotton rounds and I actually like them better than the disposable ones because they're much larger. This set comes with a bag so you can throw them in the washer. Get them from Amazon for $15.

I've heard so much about these bags recently and I want one SO bad. They're laundry bags that prevents microplastic pollution from washing (a huge problem) by catching the fibers that break off before they make their way into the water stream. This is the original Guppyfriend, which you can get for $35.

Replace single-use plastic Ziploc baggies with these reusable silicone ones. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and do the exact same thing as plastic ones but without the pollution. Get a set from Stasher (variety of options/prices).

Phew, we've reached the end (for now). I had so much fun researching and learning about these products (and trying out a few), If you take anything away from this post, I hope it's that it is so much easier to reduce single-use plastics than we thought. And it feels so good to do so. Let me know what you thought about this post in the comments, none of this was sponsored (I wish it was). Let me know if you bought anything and what your thoughts are! U

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